Carrie Milbank Bio

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Carrie Milbanke hosts the NHL Network and The Hockey show, and  brings new excitement to hockey fans around the globe. Born in Texas, she was the former cheer-leading captain for Houston Texans. She did a wide range of work for sports television, and  has collaborated with several famous personalities like Barry Melrose, who is an NHL Network contributor.

Let’s face it Carrie Milbank is hot and sexy, yet she is professional and decent, and those qualities make men and even women watch every hockey game possible. She might be playful and goofy with interviews, and her understanding of the sport is deep and fact based, and anyone can talk hockey to her all day.

Five Grounds Why Carrie Milbank Cares for Hockey

Blades of Steel – Carrie grew up in the 80s and she was hooked on Blades and Steel. The game was radical at that time, and she can beat the game easily. She fall love at first fight at the game. She learned the fundamentals of the game quickly, and she knew the teams at heart.

Canada – Carrie stated that the country is bad for various things because it doesn’t have originality. However, it is the best when it comes to Hockey. She knew about being a true blooded sports aficionado because she grew up in Texas. She knew that she still have her “Football is Life” tee.

She had covered the All-Star Game in Montreal. The streets are quiet during Saturday nights because everyone is at their couches watching hockey. The coverage made Carrie love the game more.

Traditions – Miss Milbank can’t think of another sport that has more great traditions than hockey. Think of Stanley Cup, which is the most reputable championship symbol in all professional sports. Not to speak about the dozens of trophies and recognitions about the finest in NHL. The sport might be the primary sport that unashamedly lauds its most excellent athletes. However, those players are still the most team-oriented and humble in professional sports. Hockey fans are happier than ever to be more personal with their favorite personas in NHL.

The Hockey Show – Carrie considers hosting The Hockey show as the best job in the world. She helped the sport reach more fans around the world, and she gave hockey aficionados experiences they never had before. The show brings the fans behind the scenes to have a more insider feel to the best teams and players.

Ice Girls – Carrie will always be a cheerleader at heart. Being a pro cheerleader before let her have a heart for her peers. And Ice Girls for her will always be hot like the game of hockey.

More about Carrie Milbank

Besides being a sports personality, Carrie is also a lifestyle host, a multi-media darling, and a blogger muse.

Some of the sideline and commentating coverage she has done in the past are NFL Cayman Challenge, NFL Cheerleader Playoffs, World Series of Video Games, and Escape fro Alcatraz Triathlon.

She has Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, with a number of followers and supporters.